A romantic restaurant
serving seasonal produce

Following the seasons, the menu at Le Rêve Richelle changes every month, to bring you the chef's latest creations, inspired by produce to be found in the market.

The current menu and chef's suggestions are shown below:  

Our menu

Little appetizers
Lobster salad, melon, asian dressing
Crayfish cappuccino, St George's muschrooms
Sole, scampis & langoustine
Cheeseboard (supplement €12)
Peaches soup, spices, litchi sorbet

Wednesday and Thursday night specials menu

Little appetizers
"Maatjhes", tzatziki, oyster leaves
Pork cheek, saté sauce
Monkfish, miso, seaweeds, whelks
Beef filet, first girolles
Cherries clafoutis, vanilla icecream
Milk chocolate mousse, ginger

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