Above all else, Rêve Richelle stems from love

Love between Claire and Benoit, between Benoit and cookery, and between Claire and her customers!

They started on separate paths, working for starred restaurants in Belgium and other countries across the world, feeding their passion for travelling and making new discoveries.  

Thanks to these travels, Claire, who graduated in hotel management, developed a gift for languages and a real talent for making guests feel very welcome

Benoit, on the other hand, who studied cookery at the Namur hotel school, built a fantastic collection of flavours.

When they met, they dreamt of a lovely, modern restaurant, serving delicious food for an excellent pleasure/price ratio.

But most of all, they wanted Rêve Richelle to be a comfortable place where people could relax and enjoy the beautiful terrace and tree-filled garden

A green setting just a few minutes away from Brussels!

They have laid an emphasis on products!

Everything isn’t organic (just yet) but organic products do feature heavily on the menu.

To this end, they are making every effort to find the best ingredients available in farms and estates across Belgium.

See you soon!